Content Marketing

The Content Marketing package builds brand awareness and obtains leads in specifically targeted and untapped markets. Content Marketing is available in a three tier model, including an additional product with each upgrade.


THE FIRST TIER includes articles specifically tailored to your company's goals and current events. These stories can be original content, developed by our Content and Marketing Specialist, or releases by your own in-house team. This content will generate brand awareness and leads to your already existing landing pages by reaching our social media audiences and through content syndication.

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SECOND TIER builds on the first auxiliary social component. This market includes users untapped by other social media platforms. It is also specifically targetable to active and previous truck drivers. For companies with driver training programs, this is even more valuable;targeting is available for non-CDL holders that display interest in the industry.

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THE THIRD TIER builds on the first and second with custom A/V content. Audio content will appear on our trucker-facing podcast: Trucker-Advisor. Each of these episodes will also be available as a video component, available on our Youtube channel. Standalone Youtube content is available. Each of these pieces of content will be pushed with our existing social media infrastructure and available for your usage, as well.

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