Personalized Dashboard

Postmaster is designed to streamline the data viewing process for clients of Hiremaster

Your dashboard includes...

a couple of dollar billsBudget a dollar sign with an arrow going around itCost Per Lead two peices of paper with writing all over themAverage Applications Per Day 01 displayed on a calendarApplications Today a cell phone with nothing on itCalls this Month a calendar with a small clock in the cornerApplications this Month

Graphs are available for easy data breakdown. For each company, calls and applications per day are graphed separately with two line graphs throughout the month. Trend-spotting is seamless with this interface, as the reporting metrics are proven valuable for data collection.

In addition to these features, PostMaster may double as a Craiglist posting tool. This is a paid service and allows companies to create and publish and schedule their own job postings in multiple locations at once.

This enables your team to save time and money when it comes to managing your Craigslist campaign.
PostMaster provides detailed reporting on engagement and clicks within your campaign;this ensures your team spends time and money most effectively.

a tablet with bar charts floating above it